Письмо от Иделии Скорик ( 53 года). На программе была около 2 лет 

Добрый  день, меня зовут Иделия. Я хочу сказать  огромное спасибо программе и , особенно,  консультанту Ольге! У меня был в жизни период, когда  мне казалось , что нормальная жизнь для меня закончена. После инсульта меня беспокоили постоянные головокружения, я не могла выйти из дому без сопровождающего, слабость, ежедневные скачки давления, приступы нервного озноба, меня так трясло, что приходилось вызывать скорую. Мы побывали практически у всех невропатологов города, я пила таблетки горстями, но никакого результата не было. Когда мне посоветовали лечение минералами, я отнеслась к этому  с недоверием, но терять было  все-равно нечего, и я решила попробовать. Сейчас я могу сказать,  что это в самом деле действует, эта программа мне очень помогла, она вернула меня к нормальной жизни. Теперь я могу ходить на танцы, в бассейн, на фитнес. К тому же у меня даже изменилось мироощущение, мир стал более ярким, интересным, позитивным, чем до  болезни. Все это благодаря работе Ольги, настоящего профессионала и просто прекрасного человека! Сейчас она помогает выздороветь моему сыну.
Иделия Скорик

Letter from Steve Harris ( 58 y.o.). He started the program in July 2014.

I started the “program” with Olga about 6 weeks ago. I was a little skeptical at first until I talked to Olga for several hours. Was I wrong! My health history is not good. I have had 2 heart attacks,4 angioplasties,open heart surgery,and a pacemaker. I was taking 13 pills a day. I was starting to have some side effects from the medications. I had no energy and just felt bad most of the time. Dr. Olga put me on a supplement  program based on my hair analysis and I am happy to say that I have had no meds in 6 weeks! I feel better and with more energy than I have in a long time.I was NOT able to sleep without a very strong sleeping pill. I now sleep better and wake up rested than ever! I still have a lot of work to do and it is not easy but, it works and makes sense to do it naturally! Thank you Olga!! Love you for what you do and who you are!! Will update as I progress!

Letter from Liza J.,( 54 y.o). She started the program in November 2013.

I am new to Nutritional Balancing  Program and I am just amazed at how powerful and life-changing it is. I had a serious illness and sought help 4 years ago from an MD who prescribed me an inappropriate medication at a very high dosage, which put me in a life-threatening condition. Moving over to alternative health doctors and therapies, I tried a jillion techniques to get myself well, including severe diets, harsh detoxes, proteolytic enzymes, rolfing, an elaborate and complicated vitamin/mineral regime, etc., etc. The first 6 months on the NB program I was weaned off of my support system, which was artificially propping me up, and experienced a lot of detoxing and “rightening” of my system (it was not pleasant to be sure) – but thankfully, NB is simple and easy to follow. It basically corrects your biochemistry, and therefore your diseases.

The end result is that Olga is finally getting me well! And, I am totally shocked because I doubted it all in the beginning. The key factor is that she addresses not only the physical part of illness, but equally important, the mental, emotional, even spiritual aspects. She introduces you to new ideas, trains you how to re-program your thinking, how to talk to your body, and ultimately how to love yourself on a deeper level. There are other NB practitioners but they do not offer this all together.

Her level of service, devotion, and caring for her patients is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before from anyone! She is the most loving doctor I’ve ever known, and that genuine sense of giving to her patients from the heart works. Olga is now giving me lymphatic drainage treatments, and these too are making a dramatic difference in my health, but interestingly, the results are immediate . All in all, in only 9 months, I feel more uplifted, clear, and happier – and my body is responding. Nothing else I’ve tried has worked like Olga!


Letter from Alla Zajceva (49 y.o). She started the program in March 2013.

My name is Alla Zajceva/Walling. I have been on Olga Burova ’s  program for only 3 months. I am so thankful and excited!!  One month ago I began to feel so good and healthy, like never before!! I can compare the difference between being healthy and being sick.  I had a problem for more than 20 years.  Doctors couldn’t find any reason for it, neither in my country, Ukraine, nor in the U.S. I was healthy because all my tests were good! But I didn’t want to live with this terrible pain which I had so often. I couldn’t predict this pain.  It was a very big pain in my joints and it moved around from joint to joint. Usually the pain began between 2 and 3 AM. Pills didn’t help. If they did, it was for a couple of hours and then the pain was so great that I can compare only with the pain I felt when I was delivering my baby. Only women know.  My pain began without schedule or expectation.  Then, God sent me a meeting with Olga Burova when I had lost all my hope. I didn’t believe at first that such a method could help with such a huge problem. But, for already one month I have lived in paradise. People don’t understand that to live without pain – it’s already a great happiness. I know you can’t be completely happy if you have health problems, even when you have a good family, loving husband and big love. I can recommend this program for all people. And my family joined me when they saw me feel differently and act differently. It’s such a perfect way to heal your body  and mind together. Olga saved me from many stresses. She is an amazing psychologist!  After conversing with her about my stress, instead of shaking badly in my fingers and body (like I was before), I was smiling and singing! I couldn’t believe myself! Now I feel calm, more sure in myself. I feel happy to be in this world and I haven’t any pain!! I love you, Olga, very much and you can’t imagine what you did for me and my daughter, who began your program too, and continues with it! Thank you for all your help and time and your great patience and your desire to help any time and to spend a lot of time at it. Thank you that you know all the answers for all the questions in the World!  God bless you, the best doctor in my life, a beautiful person and a gorgeous woman!

Julia Kuniliva, 40 y.o., started program in October 2012 

Оля, здравствуйте! На сегодняшний день могу отметить следующие изменения состояния моего организма: вес пришел в норму, практически исчезла пищевая аллергия, меньше беспокоит желчный пузырь, исчезли приступы гастрита, уменьшились отеки лица и ног, пропала усталость и утомляемость, сонливость, гораздо реже стали головные боли и судороги ног. С уважением, Юлия Кунилова. 12/05/2012 (Translation of Olga Burova) Hello Olga, For today I can point those changes about my body: I lost ALL extra weight;
food allergy practically is gone; gallbladder bothers me much less;
no more gastric pain at all; edema of face and legs is much less;
fatigue and weakness are gone; I feel more energy ;
headaches and muscle cramps are much rare now.

Letter from Tricia C.( 38 y.o.). She started the program in October 2010.

When I first heard about hair analysis I must say I was skeptical. But after reading my hair analysis test results I was amazed by big picture of me on every level and the predictions it had made. And I decided to see if they were true… I began the program and in two months I detected the changes taking place as they surfaced externally… my hair, nails and skin were back to like before, my energy levels increased without any stimulants, I lost weight; I became more agile physically and mentally! My mind was sharper and memory more acute. I wasn’t forgetting things as much and my mind was clearer making decisions with less clouded thoughts. All these improvements in turn caused a chain effect of improvements in other areas… the most important for me for which I originally needed help was anxiety, a high stress condition which led me to have panic episodes… stress. But, while under the program I became more relaxed, no longer on the run stressing. I started to experienced being in a relaxed state! I learned to cope with things in a calm, relaxed manner causing less damage to my body and self! No more panic attacks! Today I feel a sense of happiness… I don’t know where it came from but I had not felt happy in a long time. Not sure if it was because I no longer was stressing over the things around me making me unhappy… All I know is that I found myself no longer feeling down without enthusiasm. Negativity has not invaded me in a long time! I am so glad Olga introduced me to Hair Analysis, I recommend it to everyone for any issue they are going through, mental, physical, spiritual or emotional… I even had my ten year old under it and his health, mental ability and focus improved tremendously… Once again, Thanks Olga!

Letter from Carroline T( 41 y.o) . Started program in August 2010.

When I decided to allow my hair mineral analysis to be done, I really had no idea the journey it would take me on or the plethora of information that I would receive about the health of my body and yes, even my spiritual life as well. My eyes were opened not only to my lack of physical  health at the age of 41, but also, at how unaware I was of the impact that simply following such a personalized supplement program would have on not only my happiness, and emotional and spiritual well being, but also in that of my family members!! There are not enough wonderful things to say about such a life changing program. All that I can say is please if you have tried everything, try one more time, give this program a chance. Give it all that you ’ve got, and I promise, you will not be disappointed !! Thank you so much, Olga Burova for introducing me to this new way of living and changing my own life so much for the better! I thank God for bringing  you and this ground breaking program into my life!! Sincerely, Caroline Thompson

Letter from Carol R. ( 52 y.o) She started program in Jan,2011

I have had toe nail fungus for decades. I tried surgery one year and had my big toenails removed. They grew back like new and then gradually the fungus retuened. However, I have noticed that recently it is clearing up. After the gadolinium exposure  they started turning black. But since the coffee enemas, the black areas disappeared. I’m trying not to get too excited, but after my enema tonight, the edema in my breast tissue disappeared. My breasts are much smaller like they were before. They were retaining water and apparently the enema helped drain the excess water out. This enema program is so effective. I hope the cysts disappear too. But it takes discipline to keep doing them. I rarely ever miss a day.

Letter from Van & Antony ( 36 and 37 y.o ) . Started program in August 2010.

Hi everyone ! My name is Van luong, I’m here to tell you about my experience with hair analysis and all the help I got from Olga Burova .My husband had kidney cancer and liver failure.And  I have had open heart surgery  , for awhile we suffered with a lot of problems , until we got hair analysis done and Olga helped us to find out what we missing in our body , with all the professional advice , detox and mineral intake me and my husband all much better now. I was able to quit all my medicine after 3 weeks of open heart surgery and so is my husband with his condition quit all his medicine except supplements which Olga recomended, that even Doctors cant believe how well he is , it a MIRACLE . I also pefered all my friends and family to Olga ,so they could get help from her too. Everyone feels better now. With all the changes from new life style to the new diet make me a different person with all the energy that I need . I also got a lot of help from Olga  , she is a great person , good friend  and very professional  that all the questions I need she always  there to explain everything for me , even with all psychology  questions she helps too. Amazing how Olga knows so much :) . If I can recovery from  open heart surgery and my husband with kidney , liver failure , my family and friends health condition we all better now , I think everyone should let Olga help  you all .so we can all feel better  too . God bless you all . Van & Anthony Sent from my iPhone

The letter from Cheryl C (54 y.o). She started the program in   Jan,2011.

Hi Olga, Since I have been on your program I have noticed the following changes: 1.) Hair thicker and no hair loss anymore ;    2.) Skin not as dry; 3.) More energy  ;  4.) Feet do not hurt as much when I get up in the morning; 5.) I am lot calmer  ;    6.) More focused;  7.) Better Memory; 8.) Not as cold as usual  ; 9.) Hot Flashes are not as often as use tobe 5-6 a day now 1-3 a day & no night sweats; 10.)The most important one of all is I do not have a cronic case of a Vaginal infection on a daily basis. This lasted for 2 years with a break for about 1 year then came back. I am now infection free for almost 7 months now. I have had to change my diet to keep it from coming back. I’d rather not eat something than have a constant itch 24/7 and having to wear tampons 24/7 to keep from having sores. Making love was very difficult due to the constant itching. All of that is now gone. 11). And I lost all extra weight!!!!! Thank you Olga! Cheryl C