Everything in Universe is just an Energy in a Different Forms

By learning and practicing how to keep our whole being (the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of it) in balance, we give ourselves the best gift ever – the quality of life we want to live, as long as we want.

Our body is a miracle of Nature, truly a creation of the divine.  It is a complex, self-governing system with the ability to adjust to changes, to fix what is not working properly, and to develop.

Life expectancy for these bodies we inhabit is an open question.  Some scientists say it could be as high as 150 years. Others say it could be even 500 years.  The most optimistic ones do not see a limit for the system to exist – so long as it remains in balance. The next important statement is we are not human beings with souls, but we are souls which are using human bodies for our purposes of development. Within this context, death (that is the most radical of energy transitions) can be explained as a collection of mistakes pushing the body to a point where the balance can no longer be maintained or it is a choice of the soul when a goal for this form of existence have been reached already. In order to thrive, any system must have constant and regulated energy interchange.  The human body is no exception.  Keeping the whole body energy system in balance is the route to longevity.  Nutritional Balancing (NB) can help us map the out the journey.

What is Nutritional Balancing? Dr. Paul C. Eck pioneered the new Science of Human Energy.  He created what amounts to a total healing system by combining Western medical science with elements of Eastern healing philosophy.  Eck’s approach also makes use of modern physics principles  such as general systems theory and quantum physics.  This new paradigm always views the body as one whole, complex, self-regulated system. NB science recognizes that each individual has a unique metabolic blueprint. This, in itself, represents a different paradigm from that of traditional medicine. Standard medical treatment is based on the naming of a disease or condition, for which a remedy or treatment is then prescribed. With NB, the naming of the sufferer’s condition is not as important as understanding the nature of the imbalance.  Once the cause of imbalance has been determined, the process of re-balancing can begin.  That is the starting point for healing and attaining true health. NB is an eclectic discipline, science as synthesis.  It incorporates knowledge from the fields of biochemistry, physiology, nutrition, stress theory, pathology  and psychology.  Its roots grow from Chinese medicine, yet it is a new and expanded approach to healing. It involves a precise means of assessing and monitoring the condition of the body chemistry.  That precision is achieved through hair mineral analysis ( body’s part biopsy) as a tool to determine where the body is in term of the balance.  It is like on any Internet service for direction you have to put your starting point and a point of destination. Then you can get description how to get there.  We all want to get to the point of balance, but if our starting points are opposite on a map, then directions will be very different. That is what so unique about NB science. It doesn’t relay on symptoms which can be developed by different problems. Any doctors will agree that two people with the same  symptoms may have totally different reasons for that. So to fight with symptoms is like to shoot with closed eyes, may be you will get there or may be not…Dangerous game.

In order to move in a right direction we have to know where we are first. NB science gives us this  opportunity and  suggestions how to get where we want to be. For better understanding about NB science I recommend you to read an interview of Dr. Paul Eck published in The Healthview Newsletter magazine in 1981  :  The Healthview Newsletter ( Dr.P.Eck interview)

After all, if you truly appreciate your life here in this body, why not find out how long you can live it?