Among the main services I provide Hair Mineral Analysis interpretation and create Nutritional Balancing Programs for my clients. I work with  two  laboratories  in USA : Analytical  Research Laboratory in Phoenix, AZ ( for testing of 21 nutritive and toxic minerals;   and Trace Elements,Inc.  in Addison TX  which tests for 36 minerals ( ). Take a look at their websites for a lot of interesting articles about latest researches in Nutritional Balancing Science.

The first test cost is $ 300.00. Retest  is $ 150.00. Instructions for hair sampling you can see below the list of services on this page.  Based on test result I provide the following  recommendations and services:

1) Suggestions for an individualized diet according to client’s oxidation type ( included in cost of test).

2) Specific nutritional supplementation and product suggestions designed to balance body chemistry and an individual’s oxidation type/rate.  Our goal is to reduce your need for medication. Please note, I do not recommend reducing or stopping any medication without first consulting the prescribing physician.( Cost of supplements varies for different situations. Average cost is about $100 per month).

3) Lifestyle modifications, including how much rest and sleep to obtain, exercise, sunshine,  breathing exercise, natural therapies for relaxation, minimizing electromagnetic pollution, avoiding toxic products, removing silver amalgam dental fillings, and more, depending on client’s particular situation.

4) A cleansing and detoxification program that may include Near Infrared Light Sauna Therapy, Lymph drainage( $ 60 per session). Colon cleansing, special supplements , herbs and other methods for reducing the toxic load of your body.

5) Recommendations for Spiritual Development to promote the opening of the vital energy centers of the body, also called the Chakras in Sanskrit and Eastern Literature. I am not affiliated with any religion or group. I provide Spiritual Counseling sessions and sessions with Hands-on Therapy, which include Reiki, Cristal Healing, and Chakras Healing. ( Cost of any of those is $ 100.00 per session).

6) For clients with hair loss ,additionally to Nutritional Balancing Program, I offer Quantum Therapy with the use of combination of individual scalp serum topical products and different treatments by LED, Radio Frequency,Ultrasound and Electromagnetic devices. ( $60 per session).

7) Short phone calls, Skype On-line consultations, and e-mails if you have any questions about your program. Your nutritional balancing program will be mailed to you ( if you do not live in Dallas,TX ) within  one to three  weeks (it takes longer for International Clients) from the time I receive your hair sample and will include your hair analysis test from the laboratory, and written materials (10-12 pages) which will include interpretation of your test and the above recommendations.      ( included in cost of test).

8) For your your pets ( Canines and Equines)  Hair Mineral Analysis with Multi-Element Assay (32 elements) with individualized supplements recommendations. You will get graphic illustration of levels and ratios of elements and individualized evaluation and discussion of mineral patterns and their impact on chemistry of your pet.Tissue mineral levels related to feed and water content are also discussed in brochure with supplements recommendations based solely upon hair mineral patterns. ( $300.00 -initial test ; $150.00 -retest).

Instructions for hair sampling of your pet with submittal form is here ( fill only part about your pet)  :   CanineSubmittalForm .

9) Informational Drinking Water Chemistry Report (22 elements and pH). Testing includes all metal currently listed as EPA Primary ( Health Related) and Secondary ( Aesthetic or Nuisance) Regulatory Drinking Water Contaminants in addition to other potential contaminant elements: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium,Copper,Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Chromium, Selenium, Uranium, Antimony,Arsenic, Beryllium,Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, Aluminum, Barium, Nickel, Thallium, Fluoride and pH. Report contains brief informative listing of potential causes, risks and/or effects of elevated EPA recognized contaminants. ( $ 140.00).  Important note : This profile requires a prepaid water sampling kit containing approved sterile sample bottle, complete instructions and return label with prepaid USPS Priority Mail return postage shipping container.( $ 11.00).



1. Shampoo your hair the same day, or the day before sampling it.  Ideally, shampoo it, let it dry, and take the sample between 4 and 24 hours after washing.

Use a plain, simple shampoo, if possible.  Do not add conditioner, if possible, and definitely do not place any other products on the hair after washing it on the day you will take the sample.  AVOID sending dirty, sweaty or greasy hair.

2. Cut the sample from anywhere on the head.  It does not matter where on the head you cut it.  To avoid bald spots, cut several small samples from different areas on the head and combine them. If you cannot use head hair, the second best is beard hair for men.  You can also use pubic hair, although it is not quite as accurate.  Avoid combining hair from different parts of the body in one hair envelope.  Anyway, let us know what part of body hair used for the sample .

3. Cut the samples as close to the scalp as possible.  

4. Set the samples down, and cut off any hair that is more than about 1 inch, or about 2 centimeters long.  Shorter hair is excellent, and the shorter the better. AVOID SENDING HAIR THAT IS LONGER THAN 1 TO 1.5 INCHES LONG.  Also avoid sending in hair that is cut from the ends of long hair.  Cut the sample from close to the scalp.

If you shave your head, then cut with an electric razor what you can, save it in a paper envelope, and then razor cut it again in a week or so, and repeat perhaps a few times, until you fill a tablespoon with hair or tip the scale if you have a paper scale to weigh hair. ( I send it to anybody who asks).

5.  Place the hair sample in a the small white envelope, or if you do not have one, place it in a clean, paper envelope.  AVOID SENDING HAIR IN PLASTIC BAGS OR IN ALUMINUM FOIL.

6. Send enough hair.  The lab requires 125 mg of hair.  If you have a paper scale( I can send it to you) , it must tip for you to have enough.  Otherwise, please completely fill a tablespoon with hair.

7. IF YOUR HOME HAS A WATER SOFTENER, before sampling hair you must shampoo it twice with either unsoftened tap water, or preferably reverse osmosis water from the supermarket.

8. Tints and dyes. These do not affect the test because they do not contain any minerals.  Therefore, you may sample dyed hair.  Ideally, take a hair sample before dying your hair. Ideally do not dye your hair as all hair dyes contain some chemicals.  If you want to dye your hair, use only a natural hair dye. Anyway, if you color your hair, sample shouldn’t be taken earlier then 5-6 washes after that.

9. Permanents or bleach treated hair.  These treatments alter the structure of the hair somewhat.  Sample the hair before a treatment, or wash the hair five times after a bleach or permanent treatment before sampling the hair.

10. Please print your name and age on the hair sampling envelope.


AVOID SELSUN BLUE SHAMPOO.  This contains a toxic form of selenium.   A better dandruff shampoo, if needed, is Head N’ Shoulders.

HAIR SALONS.  If hair will be sampled by your hair stylist, make sure to give the stylist these instructions.  Many stylists cut the ends of the hair, which is incorrect and will not give accurate results.

Children’s Hair Analyses.  When sending children’s hair samples, make sure you include the weight and height of your child.  This is the only way it is possible to design a supplement program appropriate for a child.


1. The General Information Sheet. Please fill this out completely ( 2 pages) and send with your hair sample to : Olga Burova, 3400 Welborn street,#424, Dallas TX, 75219, USA


Payment is acceptable by cash, check , credit card or transfer to my bank account.

2. For  Retest  please fill this form and send with your hair sample: