Health is not everything. But everything without health is nothing.

The most successful society will be the one where a sign of real wealth is a Whole Natural Health of its members.

Unfortunately, understanding of these words very often comes to those of us who already have become very ill.

Ninety percent of American health care dollars are spent by 30 percent of the population, the elderly. “Too much, too late”,- Dr.Kenneth Cooper, the father of aerobics and owner of Cooper Aerobics Centers ,” Too much on desperate measures that prolong dying rather than a healthy life.”

An average American takes the biggest amount of prescription drugs compared to residents of other countries, and their number is climbing. Nevertheless, the United States of America is on the 45th place in lifespan between Bosnia and Albania! The average annual spending on Health Care in the US is 40% higher than in any other country, one third of which is spend on the administrative expenses.

In 2007, doctors in the US prescribed 3,8 million drugs. Their cost totaled to $286,5 billion. This is a 72% increase in the last decade.

A 93-page review of copious researches on safety of medical help published by a group of the following doctors: Gary Null, PhD., Martin Feldman, MD., Debora Rasio, MD., Dorothy Smith, PhD и Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, shows that the official medicine in the US is the primary or secondary cause of disability and death in America.  The name of the review is Death by Medicine. Life Extension which was published in 2009 by the Longevity Foundation. (Death by Medicine. Life Extension Foundation, 2009).

According to Allopathic model, health is non-existence of diagnosed diseases.  In order to discover a disease, there are diagnostic tests that are being used as a measurement of health.  If nothing is found, a person is considered healthy.  But there are too many examples when a person, who is considered in good health, suddenly finds out that he has 3rd or 4th degree cancer, heart disease, stroke, heart attack or other diseases.

Natural Health or Wellness may be considered as a state of high resistance to all diseases.  In contrast, as Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrel( 1873-1944) said in his book,  Man,The Unknownartificial health is the condition of most” healthy” human beings. People may look well. However, they require the constant assistance of medical exams,tests, procedures, remedies and surgeries because they are prone to hundreds of medical problems.Their “health” ,in other words ,is false in a way because it depends on the services of an army of doctors. No one , he said, really likes this kind of health. However, it is the only kind most people know and it is all that conventional medicine offers.

Putting guilt for all problems solely on medicine is also not right. The society has been ignoring the laws of Nature trying to come up with its own, more sophisticated laws, but forgetting that in a war with Nature, we are doomed to lose.  An average modern person lives in disharmony with nature.  He consciously distances himself from it creating more and more problems.  Give me a magic pill, and I have to go!

Disease or pain is always a sign of protest of our nature against the present condition that we created ourselves, against misbalance on all levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Those, who will understand it, find a way to inner balance, will not only get rid of diseases, but will also improve and find happiness that does not depend on external causes and effects. This is not an easy, but rather a lengthy way, especially at the beginning.  But is there a different way, worthy our live?

As a result of an extensive search for answers to the question, what can be an alternative to the ancient Tibetan Medicine in today’s modern life, while following the firm principles of our nature that is the foundation for this ancient medicine, I discovered  A New Science of Energy or Nutritional Balancing Science (NBS) and Hair Mineral Analysis.

This Science is considered comparatively new and developing, even though, it is based on ancient principals of Tibetan Medicine and Ayurverda, and also other fields in medicine that proved its opulence over thousands of years.  It logically explains these principles, and also combines it with modern achievements in different areas of research that have to do with human body.  For the first time, after many years of studying about everything that has to do with human health, I was excited about logical combination of old and new attainments, when they beautifully complement each other, rather than fight for their place “under the sun.”

Nutritional Balancing Science comprises all achievements of Nutrition, Naturopathy, modern Western Medicine, Cybernetics and The Theory of Systems, The Stress Theory of Disease, Homeopathy, Eastern Medicine, Macrobiotics, Psychology etc.

What makes Nutritional Balancing Science attractive is an absolutely objective scientific way of determining of where the actual person is in relation to his state of balance.  This allows building an individual program that corresponds to the needs of that particular person rather than an average human being.  Hair Mineral Analysis is used in order to determine the current state of patient’s body.  It is amazing how informative this analysis is.  Dr. Paul Eck, the pioneer in this science, could prove the relationship between the amount of minerals in the human body and their correlation to the condition of the whole body and its parts in particular.  He went further than those who use this analysis just for determining the level of intoxication of the body and also those who are trying to raise the amount of minerals that are below the range according to analysis, and to lower those minerals that show higher than the norm. It is not that simple.  Dr. Paul Eck showed direct correlation of physical condition and energy level of the body, the level of stress, mental, emotional and spiritual state of the body, and the overall picture of person’s Hair Mineral Analysis.

“Nutritional  Balancing Science easily  moves most people from a state of artificial health or outright disease toward a state of high resistance to most all diseases.It does this by focusing heavily on the basic factors of health- diet, the proper drinking water,rest and sleep, other lifestyle factors, nutritional supplements and other simple elements that build health”, as Dr. L.Wilson, M.D. stated in his book Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis, A New Science of Energy.

Here you can download and listen to what Lawrence Wilson, M.D., the student and follower of Dr. Paul Eck’s study, says about this study and answers the most frequently asked questions:


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