Please allow me, my dear friend, to introduce myself and share a small part of my story.

My name is Olga Burova. I was born in Ulan-Ude, a city near Lake Baikal in the Siberian part of Russia.

When I was a young child, my mother, who was then in her early 30’s, was diagnosed with kidney failure. The doctors told my father to prepare me for my mother’s possible death. That was more than 40 years ago. My mother, however, is still with us today, healthy, active, and vibrant. She owes her life to a local Ulan-Ude healer by the name of Galdan L. Lenkhoboev, one of the world’s foremost practitioners of Tibetan Medicine.

I was blessed to be a student of Dr. Lenkhoboev, and I could fill a book with many more astonishing stories like my mother’s. Dr. Lenkhoboev died because of an accident  in 1984, but I am part of the healing legacy he left on this earth because his influence kindled within me a passion for anything related to health and healing.

At the age of 17, I attended St. Petersburg State University of Russia, from which I graduated six years later with a Masters Degree in Nutrition . In the decades that followed, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively in the Far East and have met many gifted practitioners of Chinese or Tibetan Medicine. But I have yet to encounter anyone who can match the astounding abilities of Dr. Lenkhoboev, who could divine a person’s condition just by touching their pulse. As he told me, it took him more than 40 years to learn how to heal. His teacher was his uncle, a famous Tibetan monk who also taught the Dalai Lama.

After finishing the University I was working in the Oncology Clinic of St.Petersburg for about 15 years, and my experience with cancer patients left me with more questions than answers. Those questions fueled my resolve to find answers, however, and I have never stopped looking. I do appreciate the accomplishments of modern medicine, but there are many aspects of it with which I disagree. So I have spent many years in independent study in order to understand the functioning of the human body as a WHOLE SYSTEM. This pursuit includes Macrobiotics, the Theory of Systems and Cybernetics, The Stress Theory of Disease, Ayurveda, Homeopathy,  Esoteric Psychology , Kinesiology , Radionics and more.

In addition to my many years of self-study when I moved to USA , I have completed courses at the Holistic Healers Academy. I am a certified master of Reiki, Hands-On Healing, Energy Balancing, Spiritual Counseling, and Chakras Balancing. I graduated as a Holistic Health Practitioner, and as such I am a member of American Association for Drugless Practitioners and American Society of Alternative Therapists. I am now working on my Ph.D.

In order to combat the effects of aging from outside the body, I have also completed course work at Paul Mitchell Cosmetology Center and achieved a License in Aesthetics.

The most exciting discovery in my auto-didactic journey occurred when I was introduced to the new science of Nutritional Balancing (NB). To me, it combines the best of what I learned from ancient Eastern Medicine with the best of scientifically-driven Western Medicine. Lawrence Wilson, M.D. became my teacher and mentor at Westbrook University.

Studying NB science  answered many of the questions I had carried with me since my days in the oncology wards in St. Petersburg. Nutritional Balancing, moreover, provided the scientific proof behind the theory and practice of the medicine taught by Dr. Lenkhoboev. Hair  Tissue Mineral Analysis ( HTMA ) provides visibility into what is happening inside cells of the body. We are able to see imbalances on a person’s physical level , along with emotional, mental and even spiritual levels. These imbalances can then be corrected, and the health problems they cause can be reduced or even eliminated through personal supplementation and other appropriate methods. Here you can read commonly asked questions about Hair Mineral Analysis  :Q&Abook-TraceElements

I share my knowledge and experiences with anyone who is willing to learn. I help them get to a place we all want to be. A place without pain in body and soul. A place where we enjoy every moment of our being. I would love to help you too — if you let me. After almost 10 years of practicing the Nutritional Balancing Science I can say that it is not fast and easy way to rebuild your self, it is the way to new you. We can’t solve a problem with the same mind which created it. I help you to understand why you actually have a problem and what to do about it.

We must all continue to learn. On this site’s Forum, you can share what you think is useful for others to know. We will learn faster and more deeply if we do it together. We, after all, are parts of the ONE.

Love You,

Olga Burova, HHP